JK Rowling and Marilyn Manson

Today the Fantastic Beasts 3 trailer dropped, as did more transphobia from JK Rowling. (God, her PR people must despair of her.) But at the same time I saw this old tweet from 2020 go round, Marilyn Manson showing off some roses Rowling had sent him.

(it’s definitely real.)

I saw lots of people comment with things like, “So? This was in 2020 before anyone knew he was an abuser.” But people did know to some extent, they had for years! His shows and music were full of misogyny, he was accused of harassment and racism in 2018, he started dating Evan Rachel Wood when she was 19 and he was 37… What could Rowling have possibly seen in him to want to extend a friendly hand, you know?

I mean…. This comes attached with every trigger warning imaginable, but Manson casually talked about sexually assaulting a woman in his own autobiography, which came out in 1998. I won’t go into detail for obvious reasons but he talked about setting her pubic hair on fire and digitally penetrating her, all while referring to her in the most disgusting and dehumanizing terms. It made me feel sick when I read it, physically sick.

How could Rowling not have known?! Yeah alright I’ll accept that maybe she didn’t think to look, but well- her twitter contains numerous posts fearmongering about trans people and yet there’s nothing there at all condemning the rapist she sent roses to.