Squid Game

(spoilers ahead!)

I have now watched all of Squid Game and it’s 100% deserving of the hype. VERY good and VERY horrifying. Oh and aesthetically stunning as well, of course.

This show is incredibly bleak but it’s bleak about capitalism and systemic violence, not about humankind in general, I think. During the very last game, the one between Gi-hun and the player whose name I will not spoil, I wasn’t sure which side would be the victor and was pleasingly surprised that Gi-hun’s faith in human nature won out. And throughout the Squid Games themselves there are instances where the players behave selflessly and heroically. I’m still not over Ji-yeong’s death, she could probably have lived but instead she chose to sacrifice herself for Sae-byeok, who she’d known for mere days. I’ve seen people say that Sae-byeok’s later death rendered her sacrifice meaningless, but I personally think it was probably the least meaningless thing in the whole show.