Nice to see Netflix’s The Babysitters Club give a (mostly) accurate representation of living with type 1 diabetes. Stacey trying to “win the numbers game” and be in perfect control but her sugars going crazy anyway is something every diabetic knows. And I especially appreciated the moment where her doctor said that’s the nature of the disease. There are good and bad days and it sucks. That is the truth but that is not the message most diabetics receive. Most of us learn early on to dread our doctor appointments and getting the speech about the importance of control. And all of us like Stacey try and try and sometimes this disease just does whatever the hell it wants. And no one tells us it’s okay, we’re doing our best. They tell us to try harder. They tell us the risks of complications we’re in store for. They tell us to avoid summer fruit. 28 years I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes and it so often feels like a lonely battle with no support, especially from my doctors. But maybe there’s new hope for future generations.