Today’s Doctor Who news

An unpopular opinion here I know, I’m so sorry… but I really don’t like this development. Here’s a few reasons why:

1- There was lots that really, really wasn’t good about the RTD era in terms of representation. Suffice it to say I really don’t think a guy who tried to sneak the n-word into one of his scripts is suitable to be writing diverse stories. I’m sure he’s changed a lot over the years but he had huge blind spots, huge. And Doctor Who seemed to bring out the worst in him somehow.

2- In a show that’s about going forward, this seems like a big step backwards. Literally. We’ve done the RTD era. Why does he get another go when the modern-day series hasn’t even had a female showrunner yet?

3- This will give a lot more ammunition to the people who have been screaming “Go WOKE GO BROKE!” ever since Jodie was cast. The implication people are throwing up is that being that Being Woke ruined the show and they had to bring in an expert to fix it all again (despite the fact that Davies’ putting LGBT characters into the show would probably have also qualified as Woke if the word had existed back then.) And I hate that.