The terrible news from Miami

The building collapse in Miami seemed to get surprisingly little news coverage on social media up until today. I first saw it reported as a “partial building collapse” which doesn’t really cover what a horrible disaster it was.

It says 99 are missing on that Twitter thread, but I think the number has actually gone up since then. Four are confirmed dead. And there seems to be so little anyone can do except wait for the fire department to do their jobs, jobs which are obviously slow and agonising for everyone involved. I suppose it’s not impossible that people have survived under the rubble but it seems so unlikely past the 24 hour mark.

There is actually a post here of organisations you can donate to, I note they’re already overwhelmed with physical donations which is good but still heartbreaking.

As a Brit I suppose it might even go without saying that this reminds me of the Grenfell Tower disaster, another case of profits being put before safety. Please do better than us when it comes to punishing the people who let it happen, America.