The Handmaid’s Tale s4 so far

Dammit, I was really looking forward to this season! But I bingewatched the first three episodes and they were just so… meh. So disappointing. What happened?! I’m tired of June’s plot armor, they’ve really run out of excuses for it, and tired that so many other women have been killed to further her storyline. But worst of all, no-one seems to be behaving in a remotely consistent way anymore! Why is Nick kissing June in full view of his driver? Why would you put this one woman you apparently can’t kill and most of her allies in a van that isn’t locked with one guard? Why would you shoot and murder your way through all the non-June handmaids if you need them so bad? And so on. I know real-life fascist regimes are also very inconsistent but… still.

I’m about to watch episode 4 so I hope it picks up. But sometimes I wonder if maybe the better way to go with this show would’ve been to make it an anthology series. Duck out of June’s story after season one and pick up with a different handmaid in a different situation. The audience can still learn eventually what happened to June, just via someone else. We get some more worldbuilding and less plot holes.

Okay the ship has sailed on that one, but I’d also like less sexualised violence please?