Justice League

Over the course of an entire week I watched Zack Snyder’s Justice League and my gosh, it’s so much better than the original. No annoying quips coming at you every second, much better design for Steppenwolf, and oh yeah nobody falls in Wonder Woman’s breasts. Hooray!

It’s a real shame we won’t get any of the planned sequels. I even found Jared Leto’s Joker tolerable in that flashforward/vision bit at the end. Heck yeah I’d watch a Batman-Superman Post-Apocalypse and I bet loads of other people would too. And a Martian Manhunter movie! I always quite liked Martian Manhunter, despite his ridiculous name, and I had no idea he was in this so that was a nice surprise.

But anyway…

Knowing the backstory behind why Snyder had to leave the project originally… that just makes me really glad the film actually got released to critical acclaim, in a way that’s completely irrelevant to how good a movie it may or not be y’know? I heard a lot of fans donated to suicide prevention charities while the whole #SnyderCut social media thing was going on, too, so that’s good. It feels like a bittersweet ending to what must have been a really horrible chapter in Zack Snyder’s life.