Superstore the final season

Gosh I’m so glad I watched this show. It’s been a great ride and I feel like it ended in exactly the right place. Amy and Jonah are together, Amy chose her principles over her job, Jonah went into a career where he can actually change things. And Sturgis and Sons now exists while (most of) Cloud 9 doesn’t, a tiny but significant win for the little guy and I loved that. This show was so, SO rightly angry at corporate America.

And the side characters got happy endings too! Everyone did! (except for the foot collector whose identity I will not spoil.) Sandra learned to stand up for herself, Mateo got a job where he can hang out with Cheyenne all day, even Carol somehow got welcomed back into the fold. The scene of everyone together at the picnic in some not so distant future was so sweet. I noticed no-one was wearing masks in that scene, let’s hope that’ll be reality before too long..

I remember I didn’t want a spinoff of Cheyenne and Bo and I still don’t, but I would definitely take one of Glenn, Cheyenne and Mateo working at the new Sturgis store. Or arguably even better, one of Sandra and Dina working at the distrubution center being frienemies on a equal level.

The whole last episode reminded me of The Office finale which I saw for the first time a couple weeks ago, “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?” Moments of beauty you could say.