Rush Limbaugh died

I don’t know where this idea even came from, a book? A writing prompt? But there’s a concept floating around out there, what if after you died you got to see all your stats? How many people you’d helped, how many nice moments you’d helped create by being kind to your fellow man, that sort of thing.

What if there was a different version of that? After you died, you got to see the exact stats and the agonising details of how many people you’d killed. Not killed directly, but contributed to the deaths of. Think that one great monologue from Terry Pratchett. Or kill stats like you get in video games. You didn’t stab anyone, but you gave other people knives. You didn’t choke anyone but you added a little more invisible poison to the atmosphere hour after hour after hour. You killed maybe 1/1000th of many different people every day and slowly but surely it adds up.

Rush’s kill stats would be in the hundreds of thousands, and I hope beyond hope he has exactly that specific hell I just described waiting for him.