Holocaust survivors on this week’s events

From The New York Times. It might be behind a paywall for you unfortunately. But here are direct quotes which sum up the horror so many Jewish people are feeling right now:

Of all the upsetting images broadcast around the world as a violent mob overran the United States Capitol in Washington, the one that particularly distressed Dr. Eva Umlauf, 78, a pediatrician and psychotherapist who survived Auschwitz as a toddler, was of a bearded man wearing a black hoodie emblazoned with “Camp Auschwitz.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Dr. Umlauf said. “It really broke a taboo. I never would have believed that was possible from Americans.”

“As Jews, we tried to get our children to America so they could live in freedom and safety,” she continued. “What happened in that country is only one step away from totalitarianism.”

The day before the protests, an incoming member of Congress, Representative Mary Miller, Republican of Illinois, praised Hitler for his campaign in indoctrinating youth, in a speech before the Capitol as part of a Moms for America rally. She issued an apology on Friday, amid calls for her resignation.

Not every survivor was shocked by the image. Marian Turski, who survived Auschwitz and a death march, said the experiences he had while traveling in the Deep South during the Civil Rights movement exposed him to the racism and hatred harbored by some white Americans.

In 1965, while on a fellowship in the United States, he marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in Selma, Ala., and had his car burned in Mississippi, because he rode together with a black man.

While in the South, he said, many people would ask him whether, as a Holocaust survivor, he thought that something like what happened in Germany under the Nazis could ever be possible in the United States.

“I told them yes, it would be possible,” he said from his home in Warsaw. “Nationalism and fascism were not exclusively German. Under the right conditions and circumstances, it could also happen here.”