Cobra Kai season 3

Well that was a nice New Years surprise. (I forgot it was coming out so early.) It continues to be a very entertaining, surprisingly insightful show. I love how it drives riiiiight up to common, rather tired tropes and then subverts them. Daniel not even thinking of cheating on his wife with his attractive, single childhood friend, for example, or Miguel not being able to overcome paralysis just because he wants it enough. (God, do I hate that one.)

It was interesting to see Kreese’s backstory, nice fakeout right at the beginning with him being the victim instead of the bully. (Fun fact! The guy playing the bully is Martin Kove’s son! Great fakeout there.) I’m glad that the show positions him and his attitude as abusive no matter his tragic history, when he starts talking about “the snowflake generation” you’re supposed to loathe or at best pity him. He’s a child abuser, what else could you call him?

Really the only major flaw with this season is that it makes no sense why the police aren’t involved. Even discounting Kreese’s actions towards his students (no you can’t do that in a real karate dojo!!) you’ve got the kids stealing from the games arcade, the surprisingly overlooked issue of Hawk breaking Demitri’s arm, the THROWING PEOPLE THROUGH WINDOWS… Also where are the parents and why aren’t they getting involved? Shouldn’t Demitri’s parents be raising hell that they gotta pay for a broken arm? It’s not a dealbreaker or anything but I wish they’d address it.

Also Hawk’s “redemption” was a little too fast for me. Ugh, I hate that kid.

Apart from those quibbles I had a tremendously good time watching and I’m so annoyed that now I’ll have to wait a year or two before Season 4.