the His Dark Materials season finale

Okay I admit I haven’t read The Subtle Knife in a very long time and I’ve forgotten almost of it. I DID remember that you-know-who dies tragically and that Will is all kinds of awesome but that’s about it. I gather plenty of stuff was changed from the book anyway? But here have some bullet-point thoughts:

  • This show contains TWO actors who are AT THE TOP OF THEIR GAME and both are called Wilson! What are the odds.
  • MAN every scene with Coulter and the Spectres is so badass I can’t even, I really want to hate her because she’s y’know evil and all but she’s also just electrifying. I would watch episode after episode of Mrs C just walking around with unimaginable horrors and a monkey trailing along behind her.
  • hey James McAvoy is here! I know there was supposed to be a whole episode with him but it was cut cos of Covid, sigh. Awww and they stretched the budget out to his snow leopard, nice
  • I don’t like the designs for the angels, I’m so sorry, I saw someone on Twitter say they looked like Christmas decorations and uh they kinda do?
  • [spoiler’s] death was so terribly sad. I remembered that from the books but I don’t remember his sacrifice in the book being made so immediately pointless? Awww.
  • But hey we’re gonna see him again right!? If that after-credits scene was anything to go by anyway.
  • I hope Mary Malone checked to make sure those kids were actually in the hands of adults before she buggered off to follow petals. (Also why didn’t the children ever try to leave the city before? Or did they? Gosh I can’t remember.)
  • Wow it sure would have been awkward if Mrs Coulter had forgotten to put air holes in that chest.
  • I keep hearing rumblings that this show hasn’t actually been greenlit for season three yet and that would devastate me if it never was. Oh please let there be one, I know it’ll be expensive so do it with sock puppets if you must, just do it