An imagined conversation

(inspired by this comic)

PERSON A: I can’t believe other people are allowed to just, undergo a medical procedure that changes their life like that.

PERSON B: It’s against nature is what it is!

PERSON A: And they let minors do it! Even though I’ve read so much online about people who regretted it afterwards!

PERSON B: It’s so harmful to both the person AND society! I only vote for politicans who’re against it.

PERSON A: I totally believe in people having ownership over their own body but not when you’re like, denying your own gender!

PERSON B: Exactly! God gave women the ability to have children, that’s what I believe in above all!

PERSON A: Wow, it’s so nice to meet someone who feels the same way as me about transgender issues!

PERSON B: I thought we were talking about abortion.