Episode titles for Call the Midwife

There’s gonna be a new episode out on Christmas Day! And that reminds me of CTM’s biggest flaw, that none of the dang episodes have TITLES so it’s hard to know which one people are referring to sometimes. (After all, ‘the one with the abortion’ could refer to at least three different episodes.)

So I decided to create some for the first four seasons!


Season 1

1×01 “Heroines” [After Jenny’s line ‘I think you’re all heroines.’ Plus it fits the message of the show rather well, don’t you think?]

1×02 “Fallen Woman” [After Mary’s line “I’m not a fallen woman.” Plus this episode introduces Chummy, who… falls over a lot.]

1×03 “Last Post” [After Jenny’s line “There was no Last Post” and the Joe story in general]

1×04 “Stolen” [A baby stolen by a person and a life stolen by eclampsia]

1×05 “Good People” [From the line “Frank and Peggy are good people”]

1×06 “Sisters” [It just seems to fit, re both the nuns and the family the midwives have formed by this point.]

Season Two

2×00 “The Workhouse Howl” [After the horrific concept mentioned in this episode.]

2×01 “Exploited” [What happens to both mothers in this episode]

2×02 “Judgement” [From the line “Your profession is about judgment”, plus poor Cynthia gets judged by everyone.]

2×03 “Old and New” [From this episode’s general theme of old, stuck-in-their ways people vs younger ones]

2×04 “The Broken Ones” [From the line “We get the broken ones.”]

2×05 “Red” [This one… speaks for itself.]

2×06 “Breathless” [Refers to both the illness in this episode and how Bernadette and Turner are around each other]

2×07 “Another Path” [From Bernadette’s line “I think God wants another path for me beyond Nonnatus.”]

2×08 “The Family Way” [Refers to Chummy’s condition and Jenny’s line about them all being Chummy’s family]

Season Three

3×00 “Bombshell” [Refers to both the bombshell of Tim getting polio and the actual bomb]

3×01 “Community” [Refers to this episode’s community center plot]

3×02 “A Part of Each Other” [From the line “They were a part of each other and always would be.” Also it sounds like “apart of each other.” Woe.]

3×03 “Second Chances” [Refers to the prison plotline in this episode]

3×04 “Kelly and Reynolds” [After the aliases Alec books the hotel under. Woe again!]

3×05 “Need” [Partly from the line “Would she have needed him?” but honestly it just kinda fit]

3×06 “War Stories” [Regarding Patsy’s past and the patient of the week plot]

3×07 “The Mermaid’s Purse” [From the curious amniotic sac keepsake in this episode]

3×08 “The Beast Is Named” [Lady Browne’s line about cancer. I like it.]

Season Four

4×00 “Remembrance” [Regarding the framing device of older Jenny reminiscing]

4×01 “New Arrival” [After Barbara, plus it’s a common term for a new baby obviously]

4×02 “The Holiest Thing Alive” [From the line “I seem to recall it was Mr Coleridge who opined, “A mother is a mother still, The holiest thing alive.”]

4×03 “Morals” [Speaks for itself… but actually refers to the homophobia of Poplar]

4×04 “Family Business” [After the father who demands a son to carry on the family business and Winifred’s euphemistic question to Bridget about whether her baby will follow in the ‘family business’]

4×05 “Prayers” [Regarding the couple who try to pray their baby’s illness away]

4×06 “Love and Devotion” [After the song at the end of the episode, Love and Devotion by The Vocaleers]

4×07 “Cake” [From the now famous ‘We don’t like cake’ bit in this episode]

4×08 “A Place of Safety” [From Cynthia’s line, which is lovely and sad]


And that’s all I have for now, but I bet I could come up with the rest after another rewatch…