Cobra Kai season two

Everybody was kung-fu fighting!

Those kicks were fast as lightening!

…In fact it was a little bit frightening.

So, now I’ve seen all of season 2. Although still not the original Karate Kid movie, I’m sorry! I will get to it I promise.

This series is so good. I keep running into reviews of it which say, “I expected this series to be a ridiculous nostalgia-fest and it’s the exact opposite.” At times it feels like a Greek tragedy which just happens to involve karate. The awfulness which happens in the season 2 finale, you could see it a mile away. Just talk to each other and stop acting like children! Put your petty differences aside and try and help out the kids in your care! Get them away from toxic influences including your own! But they didn’t and now everything is ruined.

There’s one thing I really hope the show picks up in season 3 and that’s how much both Daniel and Johnny have failed at parenting their sons. Look at Anthony! He’s a spoiled brat who barely says a word which isn’t demanding or antagonistic. You get the feeling his parents, with their busy careers, never had time for him and just handed him whatever would keep him happy. And in a show about how the older generation can ruin the next one, I hope we learn more about what’s gone on there and see Daniel try and fix it. Because that kid is a goddamn powder keg.

Another kid who is a goddamn powder keg is Hawk, he’s gone way beyond regular teenage posturing. I appreciate that this season showed us he always had anger issues and Cobra Kai just pushed him over the edge. (Probably straight-up Johnny’s fault, that one, for bullying him in front of everyone.) I’m sort of terrified of him but the actor who plays him is killing it. I hope he has an even bigger role next season.

Is it too on-brand for me to say I feel a lot of this series is about toxic masculinity? Johnny and Daniel are the main examples of this so far, but they’re very slowly learning. It’s just a shame it might have come too late.

According to Wikipedia, Cobra Kai is a comedy-drama. I’m not so sure about that.