Knives Out as Cinderella

After ages of everyone saying it was very good I finally saw Knives Out and it is indeed very good. And I think the thing I liked about it the most is that yeah it’s a murder mystery but also… it’s a Cinderella story!


(spoilers ahead)

A beautiful young woman is the true heir to her “father’s” fortune, but is abused and mistreated by her “stepfamily” who look down on her.

The heroine has a helper, let’s say a sort of fairy godfather, who protects and defends her.

The heroine must wear a disguise-

-and flee from a party at exactly midnight.

The heroine has a special connection with animals, which marks her out as pure of heart.

At the end of the story the heroine wins not by being ruthless or devious by by being kind, and her goodness is rewarded.

The wicked stepfamily, on the other hand, are punished.

The heroine inherits her “palace” and takes her rightful place as “ruler.”

And of course, there’s a revelation involving a shoe.

I don’t know if any of this was intentional, but I love it.