Burying the lead here

“Nearly two-thirds of young Americans do not know that six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.” Don’t get me wrong, that’s really bad. But what’s much worse is the rest of the data:

….more than one in 10 believe Jews caused the Holocaust, a new survey has found, revealing shocking levels of ignorance about the greatest crime of the 20th century.


Almost a quarter of respondents (23%) said they believed the Holocaust was a myth, or had been exaggerated, or they weren’t sure.

From The Guardian

And (to me at least) that’s the really terrifying thing here. Ignorance of how many Jewish people were murdered, that’s the sort of thing that can be fixed reasonably easily. And a generous interpretation this may be, but also I suspect there’s a lot of young people out there who can’t really even conceptualise six million people being killed in one go. So there’s that, but the rest – the fact that people believe Jews caused the Holocaust even – that’s not ignorance. That’s spite, malice, brainwashing, lies.

That can’t be easily fixed. That’s the part we should be focusing on.