“We all choose our path.  Light or dark.  Freedom or destruction.  The Empire chose to destroy Alderaan in order to spread fear and douse the fires of rebellion.  But the heroic pilots of the rebel alliance have chosen to keep fighting to show the Empire that we are not afraid.  It was their bravery that ended Palpatine’s reign and brought about our New Republic. However the empire lives on, shattered though it may be. As I speak, Imperial forces are edging toward the Bormia sector hoping to end our New Fepublic before we find our footing.  As their Empire collapses they try to tighten their grip, but the galaxy is changing and you can be a part of it. With the help of brave and daring pilots, this war can end!  Make a choice.  Fly with the New Republic!  Change our galaxy for the better!” –Leia Organa, Star Wars Squadrons