First Day

If you haven’t seen this, it’s an Australian miniseries about a transgender girl starting high school, aimed at kids. The BBC just started showing it on CBBC so I watched it all today. It’s very good.

It deals with a lot of things that have (depressingly) been seen in the headlines. Everything from unhelpful adults to cyberbullying to friends suddenly turning out not to be friends after all. Oh some of the cisgender kids in this are awful and every time they came on screen I was like-

-except the main character in this, Hannah, is clearly a better person than me. Seeing her triumph over the bullies in every concievable way is extremely satisfying.

(Also, she is actually played by a trans actress! Evie McDonald.)

I also like that though we’re told about the insults and horrible things hurled Hannah’s way we don’t actually see them most of the time, which is good in that it greatly reduces the chances of anyone having to suddenly relive their own traumatic experiences when watching.

I hope this show encourages and empowers trans kids (it seems to be doing so) but I also kinda hope it makes certain cisgender kids change their behaviour.