Red Dwarf – The First Three Million Years Ep 1 thoughts


David Tennant doing the narration!  Love a bit of the DT

I know that Chris Barrie can do a brilliant Cat
impression, but having his impression followed immediately by a clip of the Cat
speaking really highlights how flawless it is – I genuinely couldn’t tell the
two voices apart

I didn’t know that Chris auditioned but was
turned down at first!  And I didn’t know
that after they cast Craig they brought Chris back to read with him and cast
him based on the chemistry they had together – love that!

instead of proper actors what we wound up with was a poet, an impressionist, a
stand-up comedian and dancer.  Looking
back, the best possible cast we could ever have imagined.”

Bless Peter Ridsdale-Scott for saving those
sets!  The fact that if he hadn’t of made
sure they got safely stored during the electrician’s strike the show would
never have been made is crazy.  Also
bless him for loving the script and insisting the show be filmed in Manchester –
would the show have ever been made without him?

I love that the extra rehearsal time they got because
of the strike gave them more time to work on the characters – particularly
Danny’s crazy cat mannerisms and Rimmer’s salute.  The fact that Chris ended up with “14
different varieties of salute” is just brilliant

Howard Goodall singing the alternative theme
tunes had me cracking up – “I want to swim, nakedly, get quite drunk in several
wooden huts”, “Get things nicked and ruin all my shoes”.  “So, there’s a theme there.”

I really like that in the Radio Times listing
for the first episode Danny’s character was just listed as ?  Also that Chris was listed as playing ‘Arnold
Rimmer, BSC, SSC’

Craig reciting that nasty old review once again –
I love that he’s got that memorised.

The fact that they shot the Better Than Life
beach scenes on Rhyl beach – “We all froze to death”.  And the boys had to be wrapped in coats and
blankets between takes to keep them warm!

That deleted scene from Bodyswap with Kryten
doing a posh English accent!  Really
weird to hear him talking in any accent that isn’t his not-Canadian one.

Loved the first episode!  So many interesting little nuggets of
information that I’ve never heard before.
Can’t wait for episode two!