Yesterday #SachaOurMaster was trending all over Twitter for Sacha Dhawan. The Radio Times even reported on it.

Which is good except, what happened wasn’t a criticism. It was this:

Which is all sorts of wrong (Sacha Dhawan is not black, for a start) and also, y’know, racist and homophobic. So I’m very glad the fandom rallied around Sacha but I wish the British media paid more attention to how much shit anyone who has the audacity to be Not A Straight White Male in Doctor Who gets. Because jeez… one look at Outpost Gallifrey or whatever the place is called now (I always forget) and it’s right there in your face.

You’d think more people would take Doctor Who’s messages and mottos to heart, but they so rarely seem to.

Sigh, anyway, Dhawan is a wonderful Master and a class act and neither he nor any of the DW cast deserve this rubbish. There is at least a nice thread of praise for him here: