So, force ghosts

Every so often I get stuck on a Star Wars question and can’t let it go. Recently it’s been the concept of Force Ghosts, or maybe just ghosts in general.

So obviously we know that powerful Jedi can retain their individuality after they die and appear to the living as sparkly blue ghosts. And that is very satisfying to me in many ways! It means a lot of my favourite characters – Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Anakin – got to live on and hopefully, ya know, sort out their various issues while hanging out in the afterlife.

But. Buuuuttttt… what about all the people in the Skywalker Saga who weren’t Jedi? Padme, Shmi, Han and so on. Do they get an afterlife? Do they get to appear to people they cared about the way the Jedi do? I mean, there was this scene-

-but are we meant to assume that’s all in Kylo’s head? Does Han still exist somewhere as Han?

And also – does this mean that relationships between force-users and non-force-users are doomed to the most depressing of endings, one party living on forever with the other permanently dead? Was Anakin right in more ways than one when he thought that death would seperate him and Padme?