@glompcat and I were talking about the adoptive parents of Star Wars the other day, how often they’re overlooked, whether they’re Bail and Breha raising Leia or Owen and Beru raising Luke or the Jedi raising their adopted kids or the found family of the Phoenix crew, but that those people are their REAL families.

Luke and Leia are often paralleled against their birth parents and those are super fun to play with!  Leia looking like Padme, but having Anakin’s personality, Luke looking like Anakin, but having more of Padme’s temperament, it’s absolutely there and a thing.

But the adoptive parents who raised these children are their parents in each and every way that matters.  Despite that he calls them Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, they are still the people who tucked him into bed, who read to him at night, who told him to brush his teeth, who grounded him when he did something stupid, who encouraged him to go see his friends and live the life he was meant to.

And most of that comes down to Beru Whitesun-Lars.  Yes, Luke was following the teachings of the Jedi and how they strive for compassion and to follow the Force!  He was absolutely a Jedi in that moment.

But the foundation of Luke’s compassion is always and forever Aunt Beru, the one who knew and said that he couldn’t stay on Tatooine forever, most of his friends were gone, that he just wasn’t meant to be a farmer.  The one who smiled as she said it, because she loved the boy she raised, her son.

The single most defining moment of Star Wars and of Luke Skywalker’s story, the influence that allowed him to be a Jedi, to save Darth Vader, to defeat the Empire, all of it was down to this woman who loved her son with such compassion that she wove it into his very bones.

Hell yes.