and he’s left with Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan trains Anakin at first out of a promise he makes to Qui-Gon, not because he cares about him. When they find Anakin on Tatooine, he says, “I feel like we’ve found another useless lifeform.” He’s comparing Anakin to Jar Jar. And he’s saying, “This is a waste of time. Why are we doing this? Why do you see importance in these creature like Jar Jar Binks and this 10 year old boy? This is useless.” So he’s a brother to Anakin, eventually, but he’s not a father figure. That’s a failing for Anakin. He doesn’t have the family that he needs.He loses his mother in the next film. He fails on this promise he made, “Mother, I will come back and save you.” So he left completely vulnerable. And Star Wars ultimately is about family. So that moment in that movie which a lot of people diminish as, “Oh, this is a cool lightsaber fight.” But it’s everything that the entire three films of the prequels hangs on, is that one particular fight. And Maul serves his purpose, and at that point, died before George made me bring him back. But he died, showing you how the Emperor is completely self-serving. He doesn’t care, he’s using people and now he’s gonna use this child.