Things I noticed while screencapping Noughts and Crosses

A few little bits of background/worldbuilding stuff I thought was interesting.

The Nought hospital, and indeed the whole Nought world, seems to be absolutely plastered with ads about birth control/abortion/not drinking while pregnant.

Compare that to the Cross hospital, which has calming artwork and the like:

I wonder if the man behind Kamal there is the unnamed Nought cleaner who got killed in the explosion.

This has been pointed out before by other people, but all the default emojis in this world have dark skin.

Look in the middle of the newpaper there… publically flogged? Ouch.

Oh and even newspapers use derogatory words for people on their front pages. Thank god that doesn’t happen in reality. Oh wait.

Why oh why does Sephy, one of the richest people in her world, still have an ancient brick phone with a numberpad… (wait, unless that was a burner phone just for Callum, I can’t remember.)

I still really love the little moment of the Cross woman stopping at Danny’s memorial.

Other people have pointed this out too, but this alt-world seems to have almost no sexual discrimination, at least not in the high-up places of society. The team that come to rescue Sephy are lead by a woman, there’s woman SWAT officers… and of course the big statue that represents the country is a woman.

You can’t see it all that well, but the thing written behind Jude there says “Naughty crosses make cross noughts” which is exactly the sort of snappy slogan that would exist in this world, I dig it.

Man, what wouldn’t I give for an art book of this series…

(Screencaps are here.)