Happy May 4th

May the Fourth/Force be with us all. If this was a normal year I would be at a Star Wars party tonight, but it isn’t a normal year.

There’s also an extent to which I feel I’m not really in Star Wars fandom anymore. I haven’t watched the end of the Clone Wars or any of The Mandalorian, as good as they look, and I’m sure the new unknown film will be good as well (my gut is saying maybe it’s a Boba Fett/Mandalorian related movie?), but I don’t have the spark of “new thing!!!” I used to get when big Star Wars stuff dropped. And that’s fine! I’ll always love Star Wars. The prequels were my childhood, or a huge part of it, and that was before May 4 was even called what it is now. I hope today’s kids are having a blast this Star Wars Day, even in lockdown.