Can we PLEASE bring attention to Lister calling Rimmer is husband in the Dad script

Ah, it occurs to me that not everyone’s seen the glorious canon slashiness that is the unfinished “Dad” episode.  Here you go – performed by Chris. :)


Main takeaways from this: 

– Lister just casually refers to Rimmer as his husband, to which Rimmer doth protest too much about being so

– Then Rimmer is like “Arnold Lister, you could go a long way with a name like that” and wants Lister to name his child after him

Not husbands you say, Rimsy? Sure, guy. Sure.

Also, I know it’s partly as a humorous contrast to poor exhausted Lister, but Rimmer is so happy in this, by his standards.  He’s on the verge on humming a jaunty tune. :)

He’s completely enamored of the baby, and acts like the proud daddy. This would have been an adorable episode. *shakes angry fist at Doug and Rob*