Nothing will beat the Blue kiss but we got Lister admitting he needs Rimmer which is even more meaningful than saying he likes the guy. He doesn’t always want Rimmer around, he doesn’t always like having him there but he knows full well he couldn’t do this without him, that he needs Rimmer by his side even when he’s driving him crazy.

And then we had Rimmer’s soft smile when he “sacrificed” himself to protect Red Dwarf from the bomb. He knew it wouldn’t hurt him to get it as far away from Red Dwarf as he could, he DIDN’T know if he’d be turned back on but he saved Lister and that’s all that matters. And then he gave up being a superhero because Lister wanted him to save Kryten and he couldn’t let Lister down now. He couldn’t stand the thought of Lister losing a friend.

The point of this is… yeah I’m back in Rimmer/Lister shipping hell.

I’m furious at how much I started shipping this after The Promised Land. That damn smegging moonlight metaphor.