I never got out of my mind that Anakins chip, that prevented him from fleeing as a slave, had to be removed when he became Obi-Wans Padawan.

Because Obi-Wan maybe didn’t even know about it, and Anakin was one day just like “Master, what about my chip?”

And Obi-Wan would have been like: “Your what?

“My slave-chip, master! I tried to find it, but never did. Can we remove it?”

So they go to the medics, find the chip, and Anakin gets a bit nervous. “Master can I hold your hand?”

Of course, he can. Anakin tries to be brave, and soon, the chip is out. His wound gets bandaged, and he smiles at his master. “Master, I am free now!”

And Obi-Wan just can’t, because oh, what has this boy been through? He hides his fright and smiles back at Anakin. “Yes, Anakin, you are. You are free.”

And you never will be unfree again, Obi-Wan swears to himself, while his Padawan is already happiliy chattering again.