Today’s Vincent and the Doctor rewatch

God I forgot how punch-you-in-the-heart this episode was. Even the little fake ident the BBC guy whipped up made me sad.

Lots of people involved in the making of this episode livetweeted it – Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Tony Curran, Bill Nighy and Richard Curtis (from Emma Freud’s account). They shared lots of great, funny stuff! And then some serious stuff. Honestly the whole thing reads like a joint interview when you put it together, so I DID put (a lot of it) together-

(It really is.)

Richard Curtis also tweeted this, which is so sad, but I think needs to be seen:

An amazing episode. One of the best and one important ones in Doctor Who’s entire run. Also (I’m guessing this was why it was chosen for today) it’s Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday. Happy birthday, man.

Richard Curtis also tweeted this:

Be kind to yourself, as Amy Pond says.