• Queen Apailana was one of the youngest elected monarchs of Naboo, at 12 years old
  • Padme supported Apailana’s bid for election, who in turn is one of the chief mourners at Padme’s funeral–while the cover story is that a renegade Jedi killed her, Apailana privately believes otherwise
  • Shmi was wold into slavery as a young girl after pirates captured her parents
  • Mon Mothma was born into a political family and became the youngest Senator to enter the Senate
  • After the fall of the Empire, Mon Mothma becomes the New Republic’s first Chancellor
  • Beru’s family have been moisture farmers for three decades
  • Sabe’s outfit was made of blast-dampening material to help her protect her Queen
  • She is also the first in line to become the Queen’s decoy, who communicates with her via silent gestures and expressions
  • Sly Moore was one of the few people who knew that Palpatine was also Darth Sidious
  • Maz Kanata knitted her own clothes!  She is also Force-sensitive, but was never a Jedi.
  • Phasma’s armor is made from salvaged Naboo chromium (from the Phasma novel we know it was Palpatine’s Naboo yacht she salvaged it from)

Note: While this book was put out after Disney bought Star Wars, I would be careful of taking these as Hard Fact until they’ve appeared in an actual story somewhere.  But they are SUPER FUN details to help expand the world in the meantime!