The Good Place Babies

Not a proposal for a spinoff, but rather:

That one question season four of the show never answered. What happens to babies and children in the afterlife? I do remember the showrunners saying it was a question too unsettling to tackle, but…

(This is by its nature a very triggering subject, sorry.)

Let’s talk pre-Eleanor and co changing the system. Babies and very young children, I think we can assume from what we know of things, wouldn’t have had enough time to accrue or lose any afterlife points. They obviously weren’t in the Good Place because no-one could get in anymore. So… where did they go?

Some theories:

  1. Babies technically go to the Bad Place, but they’re put in a sort of separate, neutral area of their own. Janets tend to their needs, and it just stays like that, no-one else really getting involved.
  2. Babies and children go to the Bad Place and are used against people. (Those who hated babies in life would be put in a room with ten of them, that sort of thing.)
  3. Leading on to – children in the Bad Place only suffer the sort of “torment” that would suit the level of a child. Think having to do homework every night and never being allowed a third scoop of ice cream, that sort of thing.
  4. Babies and children (where the cutoff age is I don’t know) immediately rejoin the universe the same way Eleanor eventually did, no hanging around, they just go.
  5. Babies and children are reincarnated?
  6. Babies and children are automatically “aged up” based on their projected point score and judged accordingly (this is the worst and most unfair one, so I suspect it’s the most likely option)

So there you go, some stuff to ponder. The lack of answer to that big question is one of The Good Place’s only real flaws, I think.

(But I also like to think the eventual, better Good Place reunited all parents with their children one way or another.)