I saw the end of The Good Place and I am not okay

Oh man. Oh… man. What a show. Binge-watching the entirety of the last season all in one day probably wasn’t a good idea. Damn. A masterpiece. Here’s Kristen Bell explaining it all. (Spoilers ahead, obviously.) God I’m internally sobbing so much.

I think everybody’s particles sprinkle down. The way they reevaluated how to get into the Good Place with these manufactured tests that once you got to the Good Place, you were allowed to celebrate being there as long as you want. Then you are allowed to end it. Then you become these tiny, sparkly particles that rain down on the people on Earth to give them an extra boost. Those are the tiny voices inside your head that say, “Don’t throw that person’s mail away. Just walk to their door. It takes two seconds and it probably will make their day.” I would love to believe that that’s what happens. That’s such a beautiful way of thinking about it. Because we are all one, right? We’re all part of each other. Whether we want to believe it or not. There’s something that connects us all. I would love to believe that people who die become sparkly particles that make the voices inside our head give us good guidance.

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