appreciation post: Rose Tico

I had a few problems with The Last Jedi (though no more than most Star Wars movies really) but you know what wasn’t one of them? Rose Tico. I loved Rose. She was 100% utterly totally A Mary Sue. And that was AMAZING.

No, really. I am very very pro-Mary Sues and I think you oughta be too. Rose’s story has been told in a thousand fanfictions, not just for Star Wars but for every fandom. The ordinary, overlooked girl who becomes a heroine, kisses the hero, BITES the bad guy (man I wish that scene wasn’t cut), flies a spaceship, saves her crush. As one of those people who used to write (or at least read) those fanfictions, it felt terribly gratifying to meet Rose.

(When told about men these stories are usually received differently.)

I’ll forever be furious that Rose’s role in The Rise of Skywalker was reduced because of all the assholeish trolling and complaining. What other reason could there have been? There were still plenty of places her story could have gone, even in a movie as overstuffed as Rise was. At the very least the camera should have cut to her during the big Resistance speech about all the people they had lost, because she lost someone too.

Anyway, on the tiniest chance Kelly Marie Tran is reading this, Rose was a wonderful character and I’m so sorry you had to put up with racism and misogyny and body-shaming from “fans.” I hope one day they’ll feel ashamed of themselves.