Star Wars fandom

Recently I’ve heard a bit of chatter on here about the gatekeepers of Star Wars fandom, and to my surprise the same topic popped up on Twitter today as well.

So here’s the thing with me: I didn’t really like The Last Jedi. As a standalone movie it was great. I love Rey, Finn, Rose, all the new characters. It had lots of interesting ideas. But right from when I was a kid I had loved and looked up to Luke Skywalker, and I couldn’t stand the idea that he’d become someone so apathetic and cold. You could almost say… that movie ruined my childhood.

…. Except it didn’t, because 1) I am a grown adult and my childhood is done 2) the good memories of my childhood are strong enough to not be damaged by a movie and 3) if anything did ruin my childhood it was having to become a part-time carer at 14, you assholes have no idea. Anyway.

I have very little taste for the gatekeepers of Star Wars fandom, as you can tell. I’m determined to never be one. Here’s the tweets I wrote in reply to the thing I found on Twitter.

That child carer needed Star Wars more than Simon Pegg and his gatekeeping ilk did.