Share and share alike

A question of sorts, thrown out to anyone with the expertise to answer it (or even without.) What exactly are the ‘rules’/the etiquette when it comes to sharing things on WordPress? Every time I’ve ever used a blogging site, since 2010 or thereabouts, I’ve always just hit ‘share’ when I see a nice piece of fanart or a lovely photo, and that ensures that I get to share it and the original artist is credited. That’s… okay to do, right? Because on WordPress specifically, I’m not sure if the original artist is alerted when their work is shared, and that makes me unsure.

……basically, you, you there, if I see your work and like it would you approve of me pressing ‘share to your wordpress blog’? Would you rather I pressed ‘reblog’ instead, although for some reason that button never worked properly on my old laptop? Help me! Internet rules passed me by a long time ago alas.