The Life and Death of Lady Jane Grey

I live down the road from Bradgate Park and what remains of Jane Grey’s childhood home. She absolutely did not deserve to die the way she did, poor girl. There’s a replica of that famous picture hanging up in the museum there and I always stop and look at it.

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Lady Jane Grey Lady Jane Grey, engraving published 1620, possibly based on an earlier painting

There is a great deal of myth, legend and many unknowns surrounding the life of Lady Jane Grey.  She is seen as a protestant martyr due to the Chronicles of Holinshed and the Acts and Monuments by John Foxe.  Then there are the indiscriminate works of Agnes Strickland and Richard Davey.  The most dependable source would be the purported “Chronicle of Queen Jane” by an anonymous eyewitness.  But in the last few years there have been some excellent biographies of Jane that delve deep into her story and give us better understanding and insight into her life and death.

Jane Grey had an illustrious ancestry.  She was the eldest daughter of Henry Grey, marquess of Dorset, later 1st Duke of Suffolk and his wife Frances Brandon.  Henry Grey was a great-grandson of Queen Elizabeth Woodville by…

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