The Boys

I binge-watched The Boys in a mere two days, which might have been too fast really. There was a lot to digest in that show. I enjoyed it but its take on current events feels rather… box-ticky, I suppose might be the word for it. There’s no time to actually deal with the #MeToo movement or female-on-male rape or any of the things the show brushes up against because it’s too busy hurtling wildly towards the next Shocking Moment. That make sense?

Of the main characters, I hated them all except Hughie, Starlight, Marvin, Frenchie and Kimiko. Everyone on this show was brilliant at getting me to hate them, the acting was flawless. Where has Antony Starr been all this time?!? I was flat-out terrified of Homelander.

I am amused by how meta it is that a man called “Antony Starr” plays an evil superhero who is wrapped in the Stars and Stripes. Plus his name is very close to “Anthony Stark”! The writers of Reality are getting lazy again.

Oh hey and another brilliant bit of casting: Haley Joel Osmont! As a former child star no less! I hope his brief role in this leads to bigger things for him because I grew up with his movies and yeah he’s not cute anymore but he can act.

I really did like Hughie a lot because he seems to go against the (massively) toxic masculinity that almost everyone around him displays. He walks away from another man who’s goading him and calling him pathetic for not seeking further vengance for his girlfriend. And he even tries to save the man who killed said girlfriend! Now that is what I want to see.

There are a lot of fridged women in this show, far too many for my liking. First Robin (I’m amused by the fact her name is Robin Ward, like Robin, Batman’s ward), then Popclaw, then Becca. I do not – spoiler – like the twist involving Becca. If she really did cheat on Butcher and lead him to believe it was rape, that feeds into such a horrible real-life stereotype that it would frankly sour the entire show for me.

In conclusion: I very much enjoyed watching (most) of The Boys, but I don’t want to think too hard about it. I think Edgy, Gritty Superheroes just aren’t my thing. Give me Spider-Man stopping a train any day.

Oh and also shout out to the poster designers, because I love the poster for this show:

It gives me chills every time I look at it.