GoT finale thoughts

In the finale, someone finally suggests democracy for Westeros and everyone bursts out laughing. Even Sansa smiles. Sansa! Now-Queen Sansa! So that was a wake-up call.

There is much I like(d) about Game of Thrones but this ending felt terribly anticlimatic. Daenerys is gone, in pretty much exactly the way I thought she would, Cersei is gone, Jaime is gone, the Night King is gone (so much for the White Walkers being a metaphor for climate change), Drogon is gone… also thousands of innocent people are gone. I really wanted Game of Thrones to show us a look at the ordinary non-nobles of the world and it never happened. How did they bury their dead? How did they rebuild? Wouldn’t it have actually been pretty satisfying (to me at least) if Daenerys had been killed by some random kid from KL who just saw her parents burn in front of her?

But we didn’t get that. I’d have liked it if, right at the very end, the show did flash forward those ten years Tyrion talked about and everything was… just the same. The bakers, crafters and smiths of Westeros are still trodden beneath various kings and queens. Then the camera zooms in to focus on a cart wheel, still turning away.