Okay, I snapped off a post yesterday about not bashing Rose in the same breath as praising Kelly Marie (Loan) Tran, and so many of the replies were basically saying “why???” in different words. So I’ll try and explain it with a hopefully not too clumsy metaphor:

Let’s say… you go a play with some people you don’t know very well. Maybe you like the play, maybe you don’t. You and your group stick around afterwards to meet and maybe socialise with the actors. Then at one point one of the actresses who was playing one of the heroines comes up to you and says something like,

“Those people from your group started off by saying they hated my character, and then they started saying I was only hired because of political correctness, and then they started throwing racial slurs at me. I’m fed up, and I’m not going to put up with it anymore.”

“That’s awful,” you say. “That behavior is unacceptable. I’m going to tell them to stop.” But then you add, “I mean, I hated your character too, but that was obviously the fault of the directors and writers, not you!”

Ms. Hypothetical Actress would probably feel justified in thinking you were a patronizing twat with an axe to grind, and probably less supportive than you seemed, since you had to add a disclaimer on the end. And if you’re white (I am too) it would decidedly sound like your true meaning was “I care about the racism you faced, I promise, but not quite as much as I care about expressing an irrelevant-to-the-actual-problem opinion which sounds an awful lot like I’m trying to fit in with the people racially harassing you.”

You know?

Anyway, imagine that conversation on a MASSIVE scale, and that’s pretty much what happened and is still happening to Kelly Marie Tran. Just… you know, especially if you’re white, your opinion on Rose pretty much has nothing to do with anything regarding Kelly’s harassment. Even if you’re not saying it to her face the whole thing obviously bleeds right back to her, so… yeah.