history fucked me up

oxford was built and operational as a college before the rise of the mayans and cleopatra lived in a time nearer to pizza hut’s invention than to the pyramids being built

I need a noncomprehensive history book that covers Known World History in time periods, like “in this century, all this shit was happening concurrently” and not just all spread out so I have to piece it together like some unpaid uneducated scholar

Mongols were fighting Samurai in Japan and Knights in Europe at the same time.

Star Wars a New Hope came out the same year as the last execution in France by Guillotine.

Abraham Lincoln and Edgar Allen Poe were friends in their early 20′s.

When the Great Pyramids were being built there were areas that still had Woolly Mammoths roaming.

Harvard University didn’t teach calculus in its first few years after being established because calculus wasn’t invented yet.

Nintendo was founded two years after the Eiffel Tower was constructed

This is the book you want: The Timetables of History – going year by year (or in the earlier sections, at least century by century) and showing you what was going on in various parts of the world in several categories (e.g. Politics, Literature, Science, etc.)  Super useful for visualizing what events were happening at the same time.

looking at Wikipedia’s pages for years, decades, or centuries can also be fun for this reason