The state of Kerala, India, is experiencing one of the worst floods since 1924. Over 20,000 houses have been damaged completely and 10,000 km of roads have been destroyed. Essential services have taken a hit, with shortages in medical supplies and drinking water reported from several places. A red alert has been issued in 11 of the 14 districts.

324 people have lost their lives since the rains started on May 29. Over half of them – 190 across 14 districts – have died in the last few days. Over 314,000 people have been moved to relief camps across the state with many more still missing or unreachable.

AnboduKochi is a non-profit organisation that has been one of the largest groups to provide relief support in Kochi, they need cash to transport all the donations they have been getting and make sure it gets to the relief camps. is an initiative by Govt. of Kerala, Kerala State IT Mission and IEEE Kerala Section for effective collaboration and communications between authorities, volunteers and public

Google has put out a consolidated and pin-dropped list of centres providing rescue ops, including shelters, food and water, medicine and essentials, volunteers, Jeep rescue and ambulances, among others.

In case you are looking for someone stranded in Kerala or have information about someone, use the Person Finder, which crowdsources information, to help.

Below are some ways to donate and help rebuild the lives of those affected.

The Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) is 100% exempt from tax and “is an emergency assistance release mechanism granting immediate relief to families and individuals distressed by calamity, loss of life due to accidents and chronic diseases.”

Amazon lets users donate to one of three NGOs: Goonj, Habitat for Humanity and World Vision India. Once you select one of the three NGOs, you can choose what you want to donate by going through their wishlist

Flipkart allows users to donate to NGO Goonj

Paytm allows users to donate to the CMDRF and matches each donation made rupee for rupee

Oxfam India is on the ground providing dry food, clean water, shelter & long-term recovery.

British Malayali Kerala Floods Relief Appeal if you are living in the UK

Kerala Flood Relief Fund from USA if you are living in the US

Kerala Flood Relief Fund from SMYM Australia or Donate to Help Kerala Flood Victims by Australian India Foundation Incorporated if you are living in Australia

Milaap is a crowdfunding website

Ketto is also a crowdfunding website

Please consider donating any amount of money you can. If you know of any more resources and ways to help, please add to this post.