Help Struggling 4th Grade Math & Science Teacher in North Philly fill empty classroom!

Teachers are responsible for coming to work with the items needed to fill their classroom. The funds for this comes out of our own pockets.

I cannot afford to do so this school year, and I am starting at a new school, teaching different subjects and a new grade.

Please don’t allow my students to come to school on August 27 to an empty, disappointing classroom. I work at a majority black and low income school, in a very rough neighboorhood. My students deserve more than what I can give them financially.

You can purchase items directly from my classroom wishlist. All items contribute to classroom culture and student growth and development

Please note: School starts for teachers here next Monday, August 20th, 2018. I will be expected to set up my classroom during that week. As of now, I only have what one can see under purchased from the list. That is all I have. It’s not enough. Please help me and my students.

This should not be a thing. This should not be a thing.

One of my friends turns to her friends every year with a wishlist like this to fill her classroom. Teachers shouldn’t be pressed like this. 

I tried sending over some stuff (a game and a pen pot) but I just got

“We’re sorry. This item can’t be shipped to a Wish List or gift registry address.” :( Is it because I’m in the UK? Or should I try again with something else on the list?