to clear up a misconception:

bread is a fine treat for chickens. it will not cause any health problems to chickens if fed in moderation. 

however, bread can cause nutritional deficiencies/angel-wing deformity if fed in large quantities to

waterfowl like ducks and geese. wild ducks shouldn’t be fed bread. with pet ducks a piece of bread every once and awhile is NOT going to hurt them. 

bread is not some scary dangerous thing for birds. its not the most nutritious thing, but its not dangerous.

It’s kind of like if there was a wild pack of children living in a popular playground where almost daily random people would bring them skittles so much so that the children stopped hunting and scavenging and started subsiding purely on skittles that would be bad for them.

But that doesn’t mean skittles will poison your own children

this is a terrifying analogy thank you