for those who aren’t aware, the australian government has abandoned the manus island offshore detention facility where it’s been indefinitely holding over 600 refugees. they have no food, water or electricity and are at risk of malaria. you can donate here to the RISE refugee welfare organisation, and here for the asylum seeker resource centre #bringthemhere

As of 11/5/2017, this was one of the most recent news stories:

“The United Nations human rights office called on Australia on Friday
to restore food, water and health services to about 600 interned
refugees and asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea, which Canberra cut off
three days ago.

The detainees in the Manus Island Centre have defied attempts by the
governments of both Australia and PNG to close the camp, saying they
fear violent reprisals from the local community if they are moved to
other “transit centres.” […]

For four years, Australia has paid Papua New Guinea, its nearest
neighbour, and Nauru to house asylum seekers who attempt to reach the
Australian coast by boat. They include Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar,
Afghans, Iranians, Sri Lankans and other nationalities, and are almost
entirely men.

The impending closure of the camp is part of an Australian government
plan to push refugees and asylum seekers to either return to their home
country, settle in PNG or move elsewhere, thereby disbanding part of
Australia’s controversial and expensive offshore detention program. […]

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Friday repeated her country’s offer to take up to 150 refugees. 

New Zealand citizens are typically allowed to work and live in
Australia, a pathway that Australia fears could be used by the refugees
to move to Australia.”

As of July 17, 2018, refugees have now been suffering on Australian prisons on isolated islands

for 5 long years.  Here
are the links
again to help by donating to RISE or ASRC.