Teenage boy denied entry to Toronto cat café because of his wheelchair






Jacob Trossman loves cats, which is why his aunt decided to take him to a café in Toronto where customers can mingle with furry felines on Sunday.

It was supposed to be a special moment to mark his 16th birthday, but he was never let inside.

Trossman’s mother Marcy White told Global News on Thursday her son was denied access to Meow Cat Café because of his wheelchair.

“I can’t believe that in midtown Toronto, this would happen” White said.

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I posted this as well already on my page but the fact of the matter is this is straight up discrimination based on disability trying to be covered with blatant lies by this business owner. 

Here’s a fun addition to the story though. former Canadian Paralympian and current law student Jeff Adams visited this cafe himself in the last few hours today on August 10th 2018, and there is video on his twitter feed right now showing that the business owner took several patrons and cats into the back room of the shop, segregating service from Jeff because he is a wheelchair user. You can find him on twitter @JeffAdamsmania  

here’s a link to the video 

I didn’t know how to do that, Thank you! 

turns out the owners are awful to everyone including other disabled people in the past

Teenage boy denied entry to Toronto cat café because of his wheelchair