You grow up and you realise A Bug’s Life was the revolutionary Leftist masterpiece of our childhoods

I’m not even slightly kidding

Ants are the workforce doing the labour needed to survive, and they have to do it twice over to provide for both themselves and for a group of parasites who do nothing but consume the labour of others

The ants work themselves near to death trying to stay afloat

The grasshoppers don’t even need any food. They have tons

to spare but still insist on taking the food the ants worked for because they ‘deserve’ it, despite actually contributing nothing of value. The only reason this works is by threatening ants with force and degrading them so they feel weak and worthless, and insisting that the grasshoppers deserve a cut for some vague service they claim to provide to society

In reality Hopper is desperate to stop the ants from thinking for themselves, keeping them ignorant of the fact that he has subjugated ants through threats of power while the ants actually overpower the grasshoppers through sheer numbers.

And should the ants ever realise that the grasshoppers take from them while providing nothing and that revolution is possible, the class system they’ve installed will be finished.

tl;dr feed the 1% to birds