please stop scrolling – help a homeless trans black programmer


hi! I’ve been homeless for a while because my family disowned me for being trans. I wish there were a way for me to instantly stop being homeless but right now I don’t see a way out. i stay at an LGBT shelter but there’s a lot that my shelter doesn’t provide for its clients.

I’m still in college so I can’t have a year round job. I can, however, program websites and mobile apps! It’s hard for me to get freelance jobs, however, because I don’t have a degree or experience, even though I’m literally able to do the work.

to help me, you can

share my developer portfolio
if you or someone you know needs a website / mobile app, contact me!

  • reblog this post! if you can’t help, maybe someone who can will see it on your blog!
  • donate directly at$nearzero (everyone is struggling, and besides i expect nothin. if u do this THANK YOU!)

thank you! if you can’t do any of these things, please reblog!