Ahmed Best, actor for Jar Jar Binks, posted this on his Twitter today. I am so heartbroken about this.

The backlash that this man got was so intense and so horrible, he almost contemplated ending his life. This is unacceptable. This is disgusting. And this needs to stop.

It doesn’t matter whether you love Jar Jar Binks or despise him. It should never get to this point. There is nothing in the world that ever makes this okay. 

Jake Lloyd, Ahmed Best, Kelly Marie Tran…probably many others who have been through this same thing that I’m not aware of. This kind of harassment to these actors is sickening, and it tells a lot about the state of the Star Wars fandom, both back then and right now.

To Mr. Best, I hope you know that you never deserved any of that hate at all. The work you put into giving life and character to Jar Jar was amazing. And whatever people may say about Jar Jar, there is no denying that the work that went into him was groundbreaking and paved the way for future CGI characters and CGI in general. 

You are such a friendly and funny person. There are so many fans out there who love Jar Jar and are supporting you through everything you do. I wish you nothing but happiness and prosperity in your life. Thank you for everything. ❤