If I ever become a history teacher, I’m going to write “gullible” on the ceiling.
Then in the middle of class, I’ll announce, “There’s ‘gullible’ written on the ceiling.”
After the whole look vs. not look shenanigan occurs, I shall then slam my books on my desk, prop myself up, lean forward and say, “Welcome to history. Your first lesson? Check your facts for yourself.”

chaotic evil

chaotic learning

I used to tell my 7th grade class a pack of lies at the beginning of the year. They would nod and pretend they knew about it. Then I would say, “Did you know everything I just told you was a lie and you believed it because you don’t know history and tend to believe authority figures?” I still have students in their 20s remind me of how traumatized they were by a teacher lying to them and that they always double check everything.